Care & Maintenance  Instructions for your Stone

Natural Stone is a  substantial investment that  will increase the value of your home and give
you  years of enjoyment. Here  are some recommendations for simple care and  maintenance.

  Best method for  cleaning  stone:

Note: The first step in  stone maintenance is the sealing  of the stone. Generally, all stone
should be sealed for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Everyday  cleaning: Immediately wipe up spills  and messes. Use pH balanced cleaners for
daily cleaning. Mild  dish washing liquid  works quite well on stone surfaces.

Most stones, once protected,  only require occasional cleaning to remove surface build-up of  
dirt and grime. A  sealed granite will be very easy to clean and  you may want to just try warm
water at first to give you the results  you need; towel dry to remove streaks.

Do not use the standard Windex or 409  because these products will slowly wear away your
penetrated sealer. These  product will not harm granite, but again, you don't want your sealer to
wear away either! Check for the newer Stone safe versions of these products.

Do not use classic pledge or other  wax products  because these will leave a buildup and
eventual dull your shine.  

If  you have already done this, we suggest using dish washing soap  to cut away the  built-up
wax. Once you are satisfied that the wax is gone and the stone is looking polished again, just
simply  applied a stone sealer product according to  the manufacturer's  recommendation.

North American Granite